Rice is a staple food when it comes to  bodybuilding and intense workouts, but white and brown rice have different benefits. It can give you the sufficient energy needed for pre/post workouts. Both are great sources of carbs and have a relatively high GI, but white rice causes more of an insulin spike due to its very low fiber and fat content. Brown rice also increases insulin release, but the fiber and fats help reduce this. Therefore, at times of the day when you are not training, the carbs from brown rice are much less likely to go to body-fat storage than those from white rice.


Brown rice can be the better option at most times of the day because the carbs it contains are less likely to be stored as body fat compared with those found in white rice. If you prefer white rice, then eating a food rich in fiber(like beans) with your meal will help reduce the undesired insulin impact of white rice and increase the length of time it takes to digest your meal, great for when you’re trying to cut body fat on a moderate-carb diet.
At the end of the day, based on what we have discussed and studies I have read, the differences are miniscule. I love rice, but there are certain times of the day or my activity level(example: pre/post-workout) that will drive my decision when it comes to white vs brown. Those prone to type 2 diabetes should try and stay away from white or brown rice altogether! If that is too complicated and unrealistic, then just choose the one that tastes best and remember it’s never the best carb to choose overall, but most of us eat it so its worth the discussion and making a conscience decision.