In the previous section, we discussed, “food being your enemy and friend.” Continuing, with our behavior challenge….let’s figure out if we show characteristics of , “the scale makes or breaks your day.”

Behavior #2: The scale makes or breaks your day

A good day…

You weigh yourself at the same time every morning. Naked, because you want to give yourself all the credit you deserve. You move the scale around, making sure the number was right.  You step on and off a few times, hoping that something will change.

If the number goes down, it’s a good day. What I did yesterday worked! Thinking you just need to do it again and you will see the scale go down again. You smile all day and you are in a good mood because of  what the scale said.

A bad day…

You repeat everything you do on a good day, but the number goes up. Consequently, it’s a bad day. You question everything you ate the day before, and wonder how to make up for it today by cutting back on food and or doing extra cardio. All the hard work and money ,you put in, is all for nothing!

And, If the number stays the same, then it depends if you’re a glass half-full or half-empty person…

These are cycles you go through daily and for some, hourly.

Do you exhibit any of the characteristics above, does it sound like you? Do rationalize that you don’t do everything above and just a few things? Let’s see how you do on the next behavior…..