In the previous section, we discussed, “the scale makes or breaks your day.” Continuing, with our behavior challenge….let’s figure out if we show characteristics of, “you characterize food as good or bad.”

Behavior #3: You Categorize Foods as Good or Bad

We call foods “many”different things:

  • Good or Bad
  • Healthy or Unhealthy
  • Clean or Junk Food
  • Regular meal or cheat meal

There’s nothing wrong with using these words. There is nothing wrong with categorizing foods. You should know what you are eating and the consequences. The behavior problem is when you start to define your entire day how you ate.

It’s a good day, if I eat the “right” things all day and it’s a bad day,  if I eat all bad things through the day or even a few bad things.  We do this on our jobs as well. If one bad thing happens during the day, it erases all the good you have done for the day, and it feels like the world is coming to an end. Does that really make sense? We have this nature of describing things as either all good or bad. Some of us are not black and white, but just as bad…when asked about things,  many times we start with the bad ,or we have to make a conscious effort to say, “Let me start with what went right.”