Boosting your metabolism has several benefits. You can have an increase in energy throughout the day. You will lose weight and then be able to keep that weight off.
Burn more calories even when you are sleeping by BMR.  BMR is known as basal metabolic rate. BMR- Basal Metabolic Rate is the minimum number of calories a body needs to stay alive and the amount of energy is needed to maintain the heat for maintenance of life processes such as heart beat, brain function, temperature stabilization for repair of body cells. BMR refers to the amount of heat produced by the body during resting conditions. The calories burned when awake and moving are not included in the BMR.
Your metabolism is basically the mechanism whereby your body converts fat and calories into energy. Boosting your metabolism in reality means that you are going to be increasing the rate at which your body produces available energy. Boosting your metabolism will mean that you burn your calorie faster.

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