Check out some testimonials and comments from successful and excited clients and the owner! There was no magic or hocus pocus involved. However, there was a lot of mental toughness, focus and FUN!

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           SUMMER 2011                       SUMMER 2013                    

Here are my pictures to back up my story! 50 lbs. later! Yes, it took a lot of mental focus, discipline and commitment. But like I said, IT WAS WORTH IT!  Strength training, interval training and making healthier eating choices were the key ingredient. Yes, I had my moments of not going to the gym consistently and emotional eating, so I don’t want to come across like I am not human. I still enjoy FIVE GUYS BURGERS! However, I did not have the support system that Giddy Up Personal Training provides. All I had was myself, only because I could not find the right support system that worked for my life. I know what it takes to get into the best of your life and stay there! Trust me, it’s much easier when you have a strong support system and can do it in an environment that fits your needs. Let Giddy Up Personal Training change your life forever!

Vivian Longo- July 2018

I lost over 22 lbs and 17.5 inches in 3 months! I had gained so much weight in the last year and I wanted to lose it so I could feel confident at Spring Break, Summer Vacations and Back to School! Trina helped me to accomplish my goals. Next to our next goal of a 6 pack!

Amanda Pearson- June 2018

I lost over 15 lbs and 10 inches in 14 weeks!

Sarah Jones- October 2017

Trina is nothing short of amazing! I was nervous about working with a personal trainer at first, but she makes you feel so comfortable. She is extremely knowledgable and really takes her time with you to make sure you are on track to meet your goals (both in her gym and outside). I started seeing Trina to lose weight for my wedding. I lost over 30 pounds in 7 months. Every workout is different and challenging. The best part is Trina genuinely believes in you and pushes you to do and be better. If you need that extra push and guidance, I highly recommend Trina and the other trainers at her facility. They are all wonderful! You can’t go wrong

Brandy Nagel- October 2017

I lost 20 lbs in 6 months! Trina is straightforward and supportive. With her help I plan to lose another 20 pounds in the next 6 months for my next high school reunion.



Katrina Grubbs

I lost 53lbs and 36 inches in 36 weeks! trina has been such a rock and support for me. As I am challenged with Multiple Sclerosis, it was important to me to find someone that would be patient with me but also not let me give up and slack off! I am so proud of myself and the accomplishments I have made. I have more energy, more flexibility, fewer migraines and a more exciting marriage as a result! Thank you Trina so much for everything you have done and continue to do!

Brenda Moseley- 


At 55, I was tired of being fluffy, tired of being tired! I saw the results my coworker was getting from working with Trina, so, being the heaviest I’ve ever been– I signed up. After only a month I’ve lost 7 lbs, lost a few inches in my waist, GAINED a pound of muscle and GAINED confidence. The workouts are challenging but honestly, the time flies by. I’ve proven to myself that I CAN DO THIS!


Jennifer Gordon

image (17)

Love the 1 on 1 training in the studio with Trina, she understands our struggles, listens and pushes you just enough. I am down an amazing 15lbs and 13 inches in just 4 weeks. Angela is awesome as well, they both have great personalities which makes it easy to show up and give it your best. All women’s gym so you feel comfortable the minute you walk through the doors. They also take time to plan group activities to Experience Different workouts 👍💪

Anna Jo Cowan- March 2016

anna jo last

Trina is amazing!! I am down 12 lbs and 12 inches in just 14 weeks! She truly listens to her clients and helps them set goals that are attainable. I love seeing her every week and working towards my nutrition and fitness goals! She mixes up the workouts so you never get bored and are always being challenged.

Terri Andrews- February 2016

“Trina is a great trainer. She pushes you to be better and work harder and the results will be worth the hard work. She also focuses on your eating habits as well.”

Elke Monahan- November 2015

Working out at Giddy UP is something I look forward to every week! I trust Trina wholeheartedly with her knowledge about nutrition, exercise, and how the body works. I was able to set a goal and meet it with her cheering me on the entire way. Trina really listens and makes working out fun!! I promise you will see results! I highly recommend Giddy Up Personal Training.

Stella Michael-Makri- February 2015

“I have been working with Trina for a month now and I cannot be more pleased with the training I am receiving from her. She is motivating, structured, and a great professional. She understands what my needs are both for training and nutrition based on my body structure, age, lifestyle, health and fitness level. I have already started losing weight, have more energy and feel better about myself. I would certainly recommend Trina to anyone who is serious about fitness and healthier lifestyle. Even if you are not, I am sure Trina will make a believer out of you! If you read her story, you will see that she worked really hard to be where she is today – that is what inspires me and keeps me motivated.

Samara S.- October 2014


I am excited that I am down 6 inches and have gained 5 lbs of muscle. My coworkers and I have been working out with Trina at Giddy Up for about 6 weeks now and love it! Not only do we enjoy the workouts that are personally catered to each of us, but the fun atmosphere,and how much motivating Trina is. The place catered only for women, so you don’t need to feel self conscious about anything. Seeing RESULTS are what keep us coming back! Would really recommend it..

Jodi Brown-Edge- October 2014


“Trina has the ability to make a “believer” out of a “nonbeliever” and I am not talking about religion! I am talking about the benefit of hard work, encouragement and overall health. One look at the age range, body types and different women who come in and out of her studio – from stay at home working women to single ladies working 9-5, to retired teachers… I watch as one by one I see each either coming in as I come in or leave as I am arriving they all come in and not because of the location, it is because of HER!
As a former educator and one who has used a personal trainer over the years… I knew she was different. It is easy to not only see the physical signs of why she is successful but it is also obvious as she truly ” takes personal time and attention with everyone).
I have never been more inspire to get fit, get healthy and get after a new life as I have been after sessions with her! She is, as Tina Turner sings, Simply. The. Best. …Better than all the REST!”

Laura Brown- August 2014


A New Beginning ! That’s what my personal trainer, Trina Potts, has given me. Great workouts, that leave me energized and feeling great about me again. She has been my nutritional guide, retraining me on how to make healthy choices. No more waking up tired! The weight Gain has turned into Weight LOSS and I am excited about it !! Every day with Giddy Up Personal Training has been another step closer to me bringing My Sexy Back!

Atlanta’s Own – West Swagg Recording Artist /Universal Music Group

MoonChylde- June 2014

Since training at Giddy Up Personal Training I have become much stronger. My endurance has increased and I have more energy. But, I have to say the best change has been reduced HOT FLASHES! Being 51 years old and going through menopause, is no fun! However my hot flashes have been drastically reduced since I started training at Giddy Up Personal Training.

Karen Gordon-September 2014

Make sure to go see Trina at Giddy up Training, she works you hard and you will see results, she keeps you motivated and is knowledgeable in her field. When I don’t train with her I don’t feel right. Thanks Trina

Shalonda Ashe- September 2014

My coworkers and I have been working out with Trina at Giddy Up for about 8 weeks now and love it! I have lost 11 1/4inches and 5lbs!  Not only do we enjoy the workouts that are personally catered to each of us, but the fun atmosphere,and how much motivating Trina is. The place is only catered only for women, so you don’t need to feel self conscious about anything. Seeing RESULTS are what keep us coming back!

Cathy Hamby- January 2014

I work very hard and am very frugal. It was very difficult for me to comprehend how spending money on something I didn’t think I needed made sense. I had gotten this far without paying for a personal trainer, I planned to keep working out on my own. Once a friend of mine started talking about what a difference personal training had on her mentally and physically, I reluctantly decided to try it as well.  All I can say is “WOW”. I am a completely different person as a result of Giddy Up Personal Training. My confidence, health, happiness, energy, productivity and sleep have all increased dramatically in just a short period of time. I have even started to see my arms start to tone. This is one of the best investments that I have ever made and I know that I will continue to reap the rewards for many years to come.