July 2017



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Giddy Up In The News
July Newsletter: Issue 18


Hello ladies! I hope you enjoy this quarter’s newsletter. We have many success stories and lots of exciting news to share with you this month!


Girls Night Out!

Brunswick Zone Bowling Roswell GA
September 2017
More details to follow


Katrina Grubbs
Notable successes:
In 36 weeks

Lost 53 lbs, 35 inches, and gained 6 lbs of muscle

Up to 100-470% improvement on her strength test

Best personality trait: Courage
Reasons for training: Weight loss, Strength, Reduce side effects of Multiple Sclerosis


Mandy Meier
Notable successes:
Over 7 months…

Has kept her pregnancy weight under 25lbs gained

Up to 40-300% improvement on her strength test during her pregnancy

Staying healthy during this “high risk” pregnancy

Best personality trait: Dedication
Reasons for training: keeping weight gained during pregnancy to a minimum, reduce pain during delivery, maintain strength, lose pregnancy weight quickly post-birth.

Giddy Up Spotlight

Giddy Up Personal Training - Personal Training in Roswell, GA
It’s time for another Giddy Up Spotlight! 

This summer, I had the pleasure of training this young lady, Grace Morrow, a sophomore at State fair Community College and forward for their women’s basketball team. Our goals were to improve endurance, core strength and upper body strength and we did just that. In all areas, in just 8 weeks, she showed a 60-375% improvement in those areas with an added bonus of losing 11 inches. Our overall goal was to get ready for her to be dominate in her next season and prepare her for Division 1 Women’s Basketball! We did just that, but she deserves all the credit for her commitment. Best of luck Grace, see you soon!

Recipe Of The Month


Chicken Ranch Chili

Try this chili instead of the traditional red chili with meat and kidney beans.
Its loaded with protein and complex carbohydrates!

For the recipe click here: here.
The latest post on the Giddy Up Blog : So How Do I Reduce My Belly Fat?

Quote Of The Month

“Some people come into your life for a lifetime and some for a season…you got to know which is which!”
– Tyler Perry
Don’t forget about the $25 referral fee you receive when you refer a friend. Now’s the time to encourage your friends to change their lives with you! It’s the time of the year when everyone is thinking about their overall health and are more ready to do something about it. They just need a little push!

Let’s welcome the following ladies to our family!

Melody Jones, Adrienne Hall, Emma Honeycutt, Grace Lovie, Rosie Rivera, Claire Anna, Sunny Mua, Kim Dickinson, Brenda Deganian, Cheryl Pruitt, Britain Dooley.