July 2015

Giddy Up In The News

July Newsletter: Issue 6

Jennie Agerton Jennie is on fire! I will let the stats say everything! In 100 days she has lost…

  • Lost 31 lbs
  • Lost 19 1/2 inches
  • Gained 8lbs of muscle
  • BMI went from overweight to normal

How did she do it?….In her own words…(I mentioned this last month, but she says the execution is the same)

“I started tracking my eating habits on MyFitnessPal and never stopped. I followed the nutrition plan set by Trina to a “T.” I monitored daily, my goal vs actual results for my intake on protein, carbs, fat, fiber and sugar. I got a little better each day, until I mastered it. I was at ever PT session scheduled and did at least 2-3 days of exercising outside the studio. It took a while at first to see progress, but then it came aggressively at about weeks 5-6. I am now getting comments and compliments on a weekly basis and it makes me feel all the hard work was and is worth it!”

Thanks Jennie for your hard work and sharing your story!

Congratulations to 12 courageous ladies for starting the10-20-30 Giddy Up Challenge!

On Monday July 13th, we started our challenge! Each lady chose whether they wanted to lose 10lbs in 30 days, 20 lbs in 60 days or 30 lbs in 90 days. So far the ladies have lost 2.5-3 lbs on average in our first 7 days. Here are a few of the things they have to execute in order to be successful and if they don’t they are “fined” monies because of these infractions(accountability, but of course):
  • log daily what they eat
  • follow the meal plan guidelines
  • stay within the goals of those guidelines for calories, carbs, protein, sodium, fat and sugar
  • support their accountability partner
They are also given the option of attending 1-2 boot camps week and 1-2 support/focus groups/month. They have been set up for success, now all they have to do is own their success and they are all showing significant progress. Stay tuned for results in next month’s newsletter.

Theresa KillianThis month’s hardest working award goes to Theresa Killian! Theresa is 20 years old, in the ROTC and is in her Junior year as a Mechanical Engineer at Georgia Tech. She came to me a few months ago with a goal of learning how to properly work out and improve her fitness overall performance. She specifically said in her consultation, I want to out perform the guys in my ROTC group!

Theresa las been able to lose 4 lbs, gain 3 lbs of muscle and lost 7 inches in a few months. She gives it 110% every session, is eager to learn more and always wants to be pushed to her limits! She is headed back to Georgia Tech this fall to put her results to test against the boys! However, you will see her from time to time on her holiday breaks from school in the studio continuing to improve her performance. She is a very courageous, ambitious and mental/physically strong , I have no doubt that the time and effort she put in this summer will help her to reach her physical fitness goals.

Let’s welcome the following ladies to our family for the month of June!
Karen Tillman, Michelle Davis, Mhani Porter, Debbie Jobe,Tasha Echols, Fran Michich, Stephanie Houston, Diona Gooden

Truths & Myths About Six-Pack Abs:Discover What Works To Avoid Disappointment!

While there is no clear right or wrong way to get six-pack abs, there are ways of doing it that prove to be much more productive. Here are the truths and myths about six-pack abs to make yourself aware of. Learn more.

The goal of getting six-pack abs is one that a large number of individuals strive to reach using a variety of different methods. While there is no clear right or wrong way to get six-pack abs, there are ways of doing it that prove to be much more productive. Further, there are also a number of methods that just simply don’t work, so knowing which these are and avoiding them will be important.

Here are the truths and myths about six-pack abs to make yourself aware of.


The very first truth you must come to accept if you do want to get results with your six-pack ab training is the fact that abs are not going to come overnight. Unless you’re starting at a very low body fat level already, you must be patient with the process as it will take some time.

Especially as you get leaner and leaner and near the very low levels you can expect that progress will become less and less dramatic. If you keep pushing it though, you will eventually arrive at the end goal.


Another very common ab myth is that the best way to obtain them is through hundreds of crunches a day. This is incorrect because of the fact that crunches actually burn very few calories per minute. When you do them, they will work to strengthen the abdominals but they won’t do a lot to help shed the layer of fat covering the abs.

It is this layer of fat that’s going to be what prevents them from looking defined and what you will need to focus on removing if you are to get the aesthetic results you’re looking for.


There are many people who spot a model in a magazine looking exactly how they want to look and that becomes their new mental image of their goal. While this is fine – it’s great to use pictures as motivation like that – it’s also important to bear in mind that the way your abs are structurally built will provide some limitation.

For example, some people have a very large split down their abs, while others don’t. Some have larger top ab muscles, while others are smaller. Your individual genetics will determine exactly how your abs look when you get lean enough for them to become visible.


Some people just do not react well to low carb diets and when this is the case, they’re actually much better off opting for a mixed approach instead. Low carbs are extremely popular right now and what many people think they need to follow in order to strip the fat from their midsection. These types of diets do tend to offer a number of benefits including hunger control and reduced water retention, but if you feel horrible without carbs, don’t fight it.


Much to every female’s disappointment, if it seems like your male counterpart is getting results faster than you, it isn’t an illusion. While there will always be some very determined females who will outdo a male who isn’t as dedicated, for the most part, males will have an easier time obtaining six-pack abs simply because they have a lower absolute necessity for body fat levels.

A woman needs a higher level of body fat just to function properly, so her body will fight her harder as she aims to get down to the lower levels required to see six-pack abs.

She can certainly still obtain great abdominals, but they may never look quite as cut up as the very lean males’ abs do.


Another classic myth that surrounds cardio training is the thought that you need to be doing hours and hours of cardio in order to get clearly defined abdominal muscles.

Cardio training will help you burn calories over time and if you’re doing interval training, can help speed the metabolic rate so you experience a faster rate of fat loss throughout the entire course of the day, but cardio training isn’t the only way to go about losing abdominal fat.

You can just as successfully if not more successfully lose abdominal fat with an intense weight training program and a good diet plan. So if you’re someone who hates doing cardio, don’t by any means think that you’re never going to be able to obtain a six pack because of this fact.

You may need to tighten up with your diet since you aren’t burning the calories you would be with cardio, but if you take steps to do so, there is no reason you can’t see fantastic results.


Many individuals are under the impression that in order to get a six pack, they will need to develop strong ab muscles. Working on building strength in the abdominal core is always a smart move because it will help prevent injuries and help you perform other weight lifting activities better, but it’s not a requirement.

For example, if you look at younger boys around 7-9 years old, many actually have six pack abs. Yet, if you were to test their abdominal strength, it likely wouldn’t be all that high.

The reason this is possible is because these boys haven’t accumulated the amount of body fat over the abdominals, making it easy to see the muscles clearly. All of us have abs, so it’s just a matter of reducing body fat levels low enough to see them.


Finally, the last six-pack ab myth is that once you get your six pack, you’re now home free. It will feel incredibly great when you can clearly see your abs after all that hard work, but that doesn’t mean they can’t disappear once again.

Unless you are watching your diet on a continual basis and taking steps immediately if the abs start to become covered again, you can’t expect to maintain them. Getting them is the hardest battle since with maintaining you don’t have to eat at quite the same hypocaloric level, but if you think you can just go back to your old ways and your abs will stay, you’re strongly mistaken.


So be sure you’re keeping these truths and myths in mind. Being realistic about the timeline to get a six pack and the best ways to go about arriving at that goal will help ensure you don’t end up disappointed.

For more on this article, click here http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/six_pack_abs_truths_and_myths.htm

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