What is the purpose?

If you want to experience high-level of health, your body must be able to remove toxins. On a daily basis we are putting toxins in our body. It would be great if we could eat all organic, non processed foods but it is not practical. Because we live in this fast-paced, stress-filled, modern society, regular juice cleansing and detoxing has become a necessary part of a healthy way of life.

The accumulation of toxins starts at birth and burdens the body by being stored in fat and organs. It’s linked with hormonal imbalance, impaired immune function, nutritional deficiency, and an inefficient metabolism. Toxins are stored in fat cells because this is the safest place to keep them stable. When the body detects a buildup of toxins, it begins to retain water as a precaution for diluting the toxins within its tissues. It follows that the more toxic you are, the more weight you gain and retain.

What’s the difference between juicing, cleansing and detox?

  • Cleansing: Cleansing is usually done with herbal teas and fresh fruit juices, and it doesn’t necessarily involve complete abstinence from food. Gentle cleansing may be undertaken right away, but if a whole-food diet is not part of the process, results will be marginal.

  • Detoxing: Detoxing is a deep cleansing program that targets specific toxins and areas of the body and is usually longer and more intense than a two- to three-day cleanse.

  • Juicing: Juicing is done with fruits and vegetables. It can become apart of your daily life. It is used to promote wellness and reduce stress. Juicing is the fastest and easiest way for the body to take up the nutrients it needs to feed and detoxify itself.

How is Juicing done?

Juicing involves a process where the natural liquids, vitamins, and minerals are extracted from raw fruits and vegetables, this process strips away any solid matter from the fruits and vegetables and you’re left with liquid only.

This liquid isn’t just any hydrating liquid; it’s loaded with the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and phytonutrients all in one easy to sip drink. I love juicing for obtaining quick energy, whereas many of you may think coffee or caffeine is a quick fix, an even quicker way to fuel your body with all natural and long-lasting energy is with raw fruit and vegetable juices.

Also note, you don’t have to drink juice only for days on end to get the full benefits of juicing, you can simply incorporate into your daily life.

Benefits of Juicing

  • Lacks fiber
  • Only contain liquid extracted from the raw fruits and vegetables
  • Extremely easy and quick for the body to digest and assimilate nutrients
  • Contains the same amount of nutrient density as smoothies
  • Flavors of fruits and vegetables (especially greens) will be more pronounced and stronger
  • Aids in the bodies natural detoxification properties with the high amount of nutrients in a small volume

Different Juicing Methods


  • Cold pressed juice means the fruits/vegetables juices have been extracted using a pressing method hydraulically which yields not only the most juice, but also the most nutrition
  • There is absolutely no heat or chopping done to the raw fruits/vegetables
  • Does the BEST job at retaining the most nutrients during the juicing process in comparison to other juicing techniques
  • Expensive piece of equipment, but completely worth the end result!


  • Most brands you see in stores are this type of juicer.
  • Spins at high speed
  • The fruits/vegetables that you put down the chute + the high spinning speed separates the juice from the pulp leaving the juice in a bowl and pulp in the container
  • Typically will be heated to some degree due to the high speed nature
  • The cell walls of the fruits and vegetables are not as easily broken down and may be wasted if you don’t “re-juice” again to yield the most you can
  • Fairly inexpensive juicer, which can be purchased in many stores


  • Just as the word says, this juicer masticates just like your teeth grind and chew food
  • Grinds fruits/vegetables and literally squishes out the juice
  • It’s done at very low speeds and with no spinning action, so therefore you’re retaining a bit more nutrition than you were if using a centrifugal
  • Works great with dark leafy greens especially wheatgrass
  • Clean up requires a bit of time, but it’s well worth it (as all of these are!)

High speed blenders and nut milk bag

  • Uses high speeds to spin, which may heat the product for the amount of time you’d need to completely juice.
  • Longer process with filtering out the pulp and using a nut milk bag
  • Won’t contain as many nutrients as a cold-pressed juice, but still contains a great amount!

Hopefully this blog gives you a little more in site into the different toxin removal methods out there and their benefits.