In the previous section, we discussed, “You characterize food as good or bad.” Continuing, with our behavior challenge….let’s figure out if we show characteristics of, “Calories are most important.”

Behavior #4: Calories are most important

When you are at the grocery store, out at a restaurant or even cooking dinner at home, the first thing you think about is calories. Albeit, it is very important, but not the only important thing when thinking of weight loss.

You go to the gym, get ready to start a training session, the first thought is how many calories will I lose by doing this workout. You track your calories burned by using your fitness watch. Even when you’re on the treadmill, that is the first thing you think of, how many calories am I burning(to be fair the time is another thing you look at). You also know….how long you have to exercise and what you need to do to burn off your cheat meal!

You do all of this, knowing in the back of your head that there are so many other benefits to exercising and having a healthy diet other than weight loss.

Food means nothing more to you than a number… that you want to keep as low as possible.