Fun Facts

 “Real Talk” with Trina

Why did you choose to become a Personal Trainer?

I love positively changing lives and helping people reach their personal goals. I have spent the past 17 years motivating and coaching individuals, and have realized that it is my passion as well as my gift. Personal Training provides me the unique opportunity to help others become healthier, feel better and achieve success. Nothing is more thrilling to see someone taking that first step!

What is your fitness philosophy?

Working hard at exercising and eating healthy can and will be a challenge, but it is a CHOICE. The quicker we understand that and make the choice, the quicker we get RESULTS.

What keeps you motivated?

I am a “No Matter What” person. I constantly challenge myself and, once working towards my personal and professional goals, I do not allow myself excuses. This has allowed me to realize many dreams that I have for myself and my family.I live by this “Stay Hungry” philosophy and teach it to my daughter. I find that this hunger it’s a combination of passion and your “why” or reason for being. Those of us that are hungry are willing do the things today that other’s won’t do, so we will have the things tomorrow that others won’t have. If you do what is easy, life will be hard; if you do what is hard, life can be easy. I do whatever it takes it make my dreams a reality. No Matter What!

Where were you born?

Buffalo, New York

What are your nicknames?

Potts, T Potts, The Realist, Tee Pee, Treen Bean(really hate that one).

What vitamin/supplements I consistently take?

Whey Protein Powder, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Multi-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Probiotics.

What are your food weaknesses?

Seafood gumbo(homemade), Shrimp and Grits, Five Guys Burgers, Asian Food, My Mother’s Pot Roast.

What is your favorite drink?

Light Green Tea

My favorite body part to work out?


My least favorite body part to work out?


What’s the one thing that tops your bucket list?

Write a book on the fulfillment of changing lives.