Getting Started & FAQ about Virtual Training


Easy Steps To Get Started:

Step 1: Schedule a 10 min call to get the details and cost. Schedule a free online consultation.

Step 2: Download, any video chat app of your choice. 

Step 3: Schedule your sessions based on the package you chose.

Step 4: Start training asap!

No Equipment needed

Frequently Asked questions about Virtual Training

We have created a way to provide you with the same effective workout, that you would get at a gym/studio,  with live coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer.

Perhaps you’re slightly skeptical about whether or not you can get a great workout if you’re not in the studio.

Below we have tried to effectively answer , the most asked questions about, “Is virtual personal training for me?”

  • Virtual vs. In-studio sessions: What you get in a Virtual Session and how it compares to your workouts in the studio with us.
  • Effectiveness: The intensity level and effectiveness of slow-motion strength workouts done at home.
  • Equipment & Space: What type of equipment and workout space is needed to complete Virtual Workouts.
  • Time Commitment: How often you should complete Virtual sessions and how long they take.
  • Training on your Own: The difference between working out on your own at home, or with a guide instead of getting coached by your Trainer.
  • Injuries and Conditions: How you can still benefit from Live Online Virtual Training, despite injuries or conditions.

1. What is a Virtual Personal Training Session?

Our Virtual Personal Training sessions are an extension of your gym.

  • You will get meal coaching at no extra charge, as it should always be apart of any program
  • We walk you through every exercise and demonstrate proper form & technique
  • You get personalize coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer
  • The workout is tailored to your abilities and goals
  • It takes the same amount of time to produce results via nutrition and exercise

What’s different?

The location. A small room in your home, complex/subdivision gym, outside, etc

The equipment. We work with whatever equipment you currently have, even if that’s just your own body. There are hundreds of bodyweight exercises.

2. Will I Get the Same Great Workout as I do at the gym?

The short answer is Yes. Results can absolutely be achieved with other modalities, such as; free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells and bodyweight. You’d be amazed at how heavy we can make a 5-pound dumbbell feel!

Equipment is just a small part of the equation. Working with your coach to properly execute and ensure you keep up with sessions during the week, is what matters most.


3. Do Virtual Personal Training Sessions Cost the Same as In-Studio Sessions?

We understand that virtual training is a relatively new concept and we want to make it as affordable as possible for you to at least give it a try! Sure, with in-person training and at home training, you are up-close and in the physical presence of your trainer. We acknowledge that. Its just like talking with a family member on Zoom versus sitting across the table from them. The same result, however its a different way of accomplishing it and different obstacles to get to the end result.

To make it even more affordable. We also offer small group training sessions, where multiple clients are live at the same time with one trainer. If that is something you are interested in, some just want 1 on 1 training.


4. What if I Don’t Have Any Equipment?

No machines? No problem! If you’re slightly skeptical about whether or not a bodyweight workout can be effective or challenging, try doing 20 squats and then a 45 sec plank….thoughts?

Any strength exercise, including bodyweight exercises has the potential to be extremely effective.

We’ve trained clients with dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, just their bodies, water bottles, books  and even their pets! We will get as creative as you are willing to try!


5. Can I Just Workout With Videos at Home? There’s Tons of Workouts on YouTube.

You’re right, there are tons of workouts out there to choose from. But watching free videos or following cookie-cutter routines will never get you the same results (and ensure your safety!) like working with a coach. If those videos workouts were as effective and you didn’t somehow need the accountability of an appointment and a Trainer, you’d probably be doing them already.

There’s just no way watching a video will ever be as effective as working with a coach in a live personal training session. Think about how hard you can be pushed when you are working with your Trainer– it’s always more than you thought you could do! Know that a video will not render that same kind of effort and certainly not the same results.


6. What if I Don’t Have Enough Space to Workout?

Most, if not all of the exercises we do require little to no space. Because we don’t incorporate movements that may need a lot of space.

Here are some examples of how we maximize space with exercises(remember all exercises represented may not be the exercises you actually perform):

7. I Have a lot of Family at Home with me Right Now, Will That be a Problem?

It will not be a problem. One way to work around this obstacle is to have a designated space in the house for exercising. Ensure everyone knows what the space is for and respect the space when it is being used. This helps set boundaries, for what is important during a time where boundaries and personal priorities may have been blurred.

We highly recommend using wireless headphones during your sessions to minimize distractions or background noise, which we’ve noticed solves the concern of other people in the house for most clients who may have it.



8. Can I do Virtual Sessions with an Injury or Condition?

Yes. In the initial assessment we will discuss with you any physical and mental challenges that currently face you. . In addition to that, you have a Certified Personal Trainer observing you, coaching you and correcting you every step of the way to ensure your safety.

Most of our clients have come to us with an existing injury, condition, pre or post surgery and we’ve been able to help them exercise just as effectively

Here’s the short version of what you need to know!

  • Virtual Sessions are still 1-on-1, appointment only, LIVE with a Personal Trainer.
  • The workout can be as intense as in-studio sessions, depending on the customized program your Trainer puts together for you.
  • You don’t need much space, or any equipment; however, we can and will work with what you do have.
    Working out with videos, guides and manuals are better than nothing, but they cannot match the coaching you receive from a Trainer. Your 1-on-1 sessions will always provide more value for you than a video or guide ever could.
  • Walking is great for the body but it won’t help you maintain or gain strength. The best way to do that is to actively be strength training.
  • We can work around distractions, interruptions and family members at home. We are all in the same boat!
  •  Although Virtual Sessions are a slightly different experience from In-studio sessions, we’re confident it will be a positive experience.

Still have concerns? Most of our client’s concerns and questions are resolved in their first Virtual Session. Try it, Risk Free!