February Newsletter 2016

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February Newsletter: Issue 11


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Bring A Buddy Or Boo Week

What a great week! We had 8 ladies bring someone special with them to work out!

A special thanks to Dr. Anthony for coming out and doing the MyoVision scans! We had a great turn out. Several ladies signed up for their free consultation with Dr.Anthony as well. Dr. Anthony and I will work together with these clients to ensure we correct any muscle imbalances that is causing their work outs to be inefficient and more difficult than it needs to be.

Anna Jo Cowan

This month’s hardest working award goes to Anna Jo Cowan! Anna Jo joined us back in December and within 10 weeks has been able to lose 7lbs, 6 inches and put on 3lbs of muscle! Anna Jo stays committed to keeping her appointments, showing up on time and mentally ready to work for every work out! She has also stays engaged with all of our activities at the studio and works out with her fiance Chase a few times during the week to get her cardio in. She has shown significant progress in a short period of time because of her commitment to achieve her goals. She is not only working out because of her wedding this year in the fall, but also her desire to live a health lifestyle and pass that down for generations. Pretty impressive to have that thought process in her early 20’s.

Thanks Anna Jo for your hard work and commitment every time you walk into the studio!

Let’s welcome the following ladies to our family for the month of January!
Amanda Carbonell, Alyssa Stafford, Regina Haynes, Kara Fur, Dani Fur, Amanda Taylor, Terri Andrews
There has been alot of chatter about Apple Cider Vinegar lately. I just started taking the product and the first thing I noticed after a week was having a burst of energy when I take it.I’ve since discovered so many other useful ways to incorporate ACV into my daily routine. It’s effective for pretty much anything — your skin, your hair, your house, and even your pets can benefit from its qualities. If your doctor is ok with it check it out and let me know what you think.

Upcoming Events!!

Kennesaw Mountain Trail Hike

Where: Kennesaw Mountain
When: Sat March 26th
Time: 8am
Who: Any clients and their friends/family

Cost:  No cost
Details: This trail is a total of 2.4 miles and takes approx. 50 min to complete. We will meet as a group at 7:45 am at the visitor/information center. 
For more details about this trail please click this link:http://www.atlantatrails.com/hiking-trails/kennesaw-mountain-hiking-the-2-mile-mountain-trail/Please sign up with Trina at the studio

Atlanta Dogwood Festival Mimosa 5k

Where: Piedmont Park
When: Sat April 9th
Time: We will meet as a group at 7am
Who: Any clients and their friends/family

Cost:  $25 per person through March 10th; then $30 per person beginning March 11th
Details: We will be picking up at the packets at the park at 7am. When you register you will see where you can pick up the packets prior. We will designate a location to meet soon.To register please click this link:http://www.active.com/atlanta-ga/running/distance-running-races/atlanta-dogwood-festival-mimosa-5k-2016

Recipe of the Month

Southwest Black Bean Casserole


-300 kcals
-60 min cook time
-good protein source

Last Month we discussed…What type of protein is best for you? I hope that this information was helpful and made a difference in your daily life. This month we will be discussing….Top 5 biggest mistakes women make when trying to lose weight

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direct access:

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