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Thank you for visiting our page! Giddy Up Personal Training is the one personal training studio that provides BUSY WOMEN with the most effective and efficient support system when it comes to making fitness a lifestyle her in the North Fulton Area. Please take a moment and visit the rest of our website for more details….

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL- Available NOW- Nov.27th 11:59PM

Offer Valid for New Clients Only and does not apply to clients using a current/previous promotion 

Purchase one of these awesome specials to see if it will be something you are ready to commit to!! You really have nothing to lose. Whether you decide to commit or not you will at least gained some knowledge about exercising and nutrition!


*includes a 1-hour consultation and 1 training session


*includes a 1-hour consultation and 3 training sessions

Initial Consultation Preparation

Call Trina to schedule your consultation and or if you need more info at 678-702-7774 or email us at!


**GIDDY UP PERSONAL TRAINING IS A PRIVATE WOMEN’S ONLY STUDIO. While we care about the overall fitness of men and women, we focus and specialize on the needs of women.

Here are the main 3 expectations of a Personal Trainer at Giddy Up that we will deliver on with your commitment!

  • Accountability- need someone to make you more responsible as it relates to exercise and nutrition? Hold you accountable for showing up to sessions? Most of just need to have a person to care about our health and motivate us to do something about it!  We are here for you!
  • Challenge- how many times have you gone to the gym and didn’t complete the plan you had? Stopped when you started feeling a little tired? We will push just a little more to what we know you can do, but not past the point of SAFETY
  • RESULTS- are you tired of not getting results? have you plateaued? We have a concept that guarantees results through nutrition and exercise with your commitment called the G Up-3 . This concept focuses on fat loss and building lean muscle. We also customize programs for those of you who may have different fitness goals.