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Trina Potts- NASM Certified Master Personal Trainer(CMPT)

Weight Loss Specialist(WLS)

Fitness Nutrition Specialist(FNS)

Behavior Change Specialist(BCS)

Are you tired of not knowing where to begin?

I was for years until I decided to learn how to make my own meals. Not only did I lose 50 lbs, I saved a lot of money and felt the best I had felt in 20 years. What was key was that my plan was realistic and easy to continue the rest of my life. I was still able to have sweets, pizza and bread…just in moderation.

For as little as $49, I have created  simple but effective meal plan guidelines to implement into your daily life. These plans will be based on YOUR available time and budget. It will be based on what you and your family currently eat or have always wanted to eat. We create a plan together, based on your goals including, but not limited to; weight loss, building endurance, strengthening muscles/bones, healthy-heart, low sugar/low carb plans or just simply living a healthier lifestyle.

Most of us are way too busy to plan our meals out for the week. Well, not really….Most of us are not as educated on this topic and don’t know where to begin, to make it a habit and not just one more thing to check off the “to do” list. 

We have all found work around’s to eating a healthy meal. Stopping at the local grocery store on the way home for prepared meals, having meals delivered($10/person avg) and simply just eating out, to make an attempt, to have a “healthy meal.” We say to ourselves…”well this is better than fast food!”  What most of us don’t realize is that these meals can be loaded in calories, fats, and sugars, not too mention very costly. Many times the result is the same…too much of the wrong foods, defeating the original purpose. This is also not creating a healthy lifestyle.

The fact is, you have to OWN your healthy eating and not put in someone else’s hands. Hopefully you don’t have to pay back that time with going to the doctor’s office because of dealing with a disease such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure , too name a few.

How it works

  1. Set Up FREE Consultation with me by clicking here and filling out this form: https://giddyuppersonaltraining.com/free-training-session-sign-up/
  2. We will either meet via: In Person at my studio in Roswell GA, Phone Conference, Online/Video Chat(FaceTime, Skype, Google Duo or Google Hangouts ).
  3. Become familiarized with nutrition/healthy meals and learn how it will benefit you and your family for a life-time
  4. Discuss desired short/long term nutrition goals and timelines
  5. Discuss your current situation and challenges
  6. Select the appropriate plan for you that incorporates your family, goals and timelines

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