Hypnotherapy is a naturally relaxed state where your eyes are closed and your mind and body are resting. As you rest, the hypnotherapist paints a picture with words that are designed to strengthen your determination, dissolve the obstacles and pump up your progress. Even though your eyes are closed and you are resting, you can hear every word. Sometimes you become so comfortable that you drift down into a deeper state of relaxation, but your mind is always listening.


Hypnosis is a natural state and you experience it every day. Daydreaming is a hypnotic state and the state between awake and asleep are known as the hypnogogic and hypnopomic states. Hypnosis helps you clear your mind of stress and we use hypnotherapy to help you bring your goals into laser focus so you can make them a reality.


About your Coaching/Counseling Support Sessions by Phone

Coaching and Counseling give you the opportunity to let off steam, get guidance and restore balance.

With Our Personalized Coaching/Counseling Phone Support, our motto is: “Lean on me.”  We are invested in your success and we know that stress and old habits are very sneaky and they trick the mind into making bad choices. Our 15 minute phone visits can help you sidestep stress and upset and avoid weight producing behavior.